New request from Trisskar for a picture of her little friend, Tails!
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So very cool.
This is, without question, one of my new faves.
Way to go, Mercy!!


He is ^_^ He travels with Triss and is mostly lazy. But when he's not being lazy he is an excellent scout and has helped her out of a few tight spots. He communicates telepathically, and can get his feelings hurt rather easily :-p He's fun. I hope to play him more often in stories to come ^_^

Lord Crumb

That's great. Just want to pick Tails up and just hug. I have two cats (Spice and Lucy) and two Dogs (Odin and Syrup).

Kia kaha


Glad you like, guys!
It's nice he's reminded everyone so fondly of their pets - that's rather touching actually!!


Dead set adorable! For some reason I'm really loving the little sketch of him wearing that fetching little bow, hah! What species is he, if I may enquire? :D


So DAMN adorable! And so artfully done, truly! Not kissing butt here Mercy, but I am CONSISTENTLY amazed by the talent shown by you artists! I just wish I had more to offer (not fishing, as I have no visual artistic ability!), but I'd love to do theme music for someone's Star Wars roleplaying campaign, aside from my two that is!

Keep up the amazing work, everyone!


I never did give his species a name...I made him up. Came off of a remote, un-named jungle planet, in the unknown systems :-p his kind is almost instinct. convenient huh? lol ) Triss found him trapped under thatches of roof that collapsed after he had ran across it. Been stuck under there for several days when she came by, became good friends after she nursed him back to health. :)


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