Feeorin - Asok and Mercy collaboration!

Request by Razor.

The sketch is mine but the colouring on this one is by Asok. We've been collaborating!
I'll post up my own version of the coloured version next...

~ Mercy


Simply superb. Good work.

While it's more likely I'd choose this picture to illustrate a character - this is simply due to its more "realistic" tone - I still like the other illustration a bit more, because of its darker color tones.

But that doesn't mean this picture doesn't rock! I hope you keep collaborating; there lies strength and quality.

Love the eye-piece, by the way. It gives him a rakish air and sets him apart.



So sick. Awesome-sick. This is cool b/c you can see detail, but the other version is cool because it represents his character more.


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