Above the molten rock

copper chloride, that is..


Love it, love it, love it!

Your work is making me feel ridiculously inspired right now. Thank you!


Return of Cucumber Boy! In the words of Strong Bad - "Holy Crap, man!"



Your ships always have an otherworldly feel, and I like that. Too many ships in Star Wars are based on Human aesthetics, and this definitely breaks that mold.


Thank you so much guys; I really appreciate the kind words. I've uploaded some additional stuff on my deviantart, if you're interested. It's good to hear you liked the ship, because it's actually a design that developed throughout the process; i never had a clear image in my head of what it would be. This piece was originally meant to establish a mood, but if it surpassed that, that's great :D I also do try to stay away from the typical design clichés when it comes to the technical stuff and I'm glad that it's getting noticed.


That looks so much better that the one used in Mummies or any other war games. The ship is completely different. The site is really amazing and have lots to offers to it's user.
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