Crushed walker

Been a while...


First let me say...OH MY G#@...AWSOME. Then in character let me add, "If we can get it running, can I have it?"


Too Kool. ;) Great depiction. Love the hazy morning light effect.
"Creation is a Gift... Use it well."


Oh yes yes yes, a thousand times yes!

I adore moss and lichens and deep foresty settings. Everything here makes me so happy-- especially if some dirty Imperials were obliterated in the process!

I. J. Thompson

Hollywood called - they want their concept illustrator back! :D

In all seriousness, brilliant work. Look at the detail on that tree! Mind boggling. :)


I would love to have that done as a mural on my living room wall.
Because it's AWESOME!! Like that tree just went "Chew on this, walker!" BAM!