Womp Rat

Another in my series of illustrations based on the wildlife of Tatooine, the Womp Rat is based upon Star Wars Ep 1 Concept Artist Terryl Whitlatch's great design from the fantastic book, 'The Wildlife of Star Wars: A field Guide,' of which I cannot speak highly enough. In my opinion, Terryl's interpretation of the Womp Rat is the best I've seen. Many of the others somehow come across as either unbelievable, characterless or just too wacky.

Medium: Ink Pen, Painter Classic, Photoshop 7.0


I *love* The Wildlife of Star Wars! However, I have to nitpick this design for one reason. In my opinion, too many animals across the SW galaxy are like animals from Earth. There are numerous feline, hawk and spider analogs, for example. This version of the womp rat is, well, a big rat. Don't get me wrong, my artistic skills have atrophied and you put me to shame. Its a fine and dandy big rat 8-). I do agree, however, that sometimes some artists really miss the mark when designing creatures. Some look too goofy, and I've seen favorite creatures with heads that are too big. I think to myself "Why such a big head?" Anyway, this comment is now too long...