Kaminoan Female Crimelord

A Kaminoan business woman and criminal mastermind, Vaed Rin was one of Jabba's lieutenants on Tatooine in my SW Campaign. Known as 'the grey lady' by most, the elegant criminal left Kamino after the Clone Wars to seek her fortune in the galaxy and ended up in Hutt space. She quickly learned that flattery and subterfuge would get her far in the decadent and debauched Hutt society, and though ingratiation and clever dealings she rapidly wormed her way deep into Jabba's network.

In colouring this piece I couldn't help but resort to the shameless use of the Photoshop Lens Flare filter. Shocking I know, but it kinda works in this instance.

Medium: Pen & ink, Painter Classic, Photoshop 7