Jawa Shooter

I had a little time while waiting for my wife on the phone one night, so I started doodling and before too long a Jawa with an ion-gun kind of snuck up out of the page on me. He's nothing earth-shattering in terms of art but I liked him enough to colour him in. As someone who loves Tatooine I reckon you can never have too many Jawas around, so noticing the distinct lack of them in my gallery I figured it was long since past time to remedy that.

Medium: Ink Pen, Painter Classic, Photoshop 7.0

Vicious the Jester

This guy is great! I like Jawas, and this guy really looks fitting. He's not out there, wearing outlandish gear or anything. He fits the archetype, but stands out as interesting.

This guy does GREAT work. Lots of detail without going too far. Not garish, but not bland. I'm truly impressed.

I'm also jealous that he gets to work for WETA. I was part of one of the "bonus features" that was filmed for "The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe" DVD, but the feature was dropped. It may pop up on the Prince Caspian DVD though... Some day, maybe I'll move to New Zealand so I can get a job with WETA. :)