Well Something Went Wrong

For Asok, who is responsible for me loosing my head over attempting to understand the anatomy of a Gran head and knowing that it definitely surpasses my actual ability XD thus I stuck with lines

In between varying degrees of sickness and coping with horrid technology, I managed to pull this off in between meals. Hopefully Asok is happy with it!?


Haha very cool! I love that asok has grown to have this bumbling Sam Fischer tech savy spy failure aspect to him. That's more of a Haden thing but still very cool drawing!


Very cool.

I always imagined Gran would be very difficult to draw etc but you've done it wonderfully :)


the 3 d aspect is wicked...just enough. And the art itself is all kinds of good and fun to look at...great work.....


thanks all! also i'm glad you're happy with it asok, this was definitely an experience in drawing actual aliens for me XD


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