Tacky Jewelry 101

A recently painted portrait of Evi, my force-sensitive Fosh in the campaign I play. I forgot how difficult and aggravating lineless is, and boy howdy I am not undertaking it again anytime soon. This also features a tacky copper bracelet given to her as a gift, which she might be reading WAAAAAAAY too much into.


Very cool. I can understand why you'd get aggravated with this. It looks incredibly difficult. You made it look great though. :D


I think you pull it off very nice. I have also started going line-less. Though not intentionally. I start with a lined face, then want to get to coloring and before long I am way to far into it.

Lord Crumb

Two thumbs up on this pic. Great Job.

Kia kaha
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I've done some line-less stuff before, but especially when it comes to character work and extra especially expressions, nothing matches pencil lines for me. Did you do this one in multiple layers, or just the one? I've been working obsessively in single layers lately, and am loving it!

(Also, aw Evi. XD I'd love to know what said gift-giver would think if he knew you called the bracelet tacky!!)



thanks for all the positive feedback :,D lineless is a chore but i think it definitely gives me a much better grasp on harsh shadows and lighting (also it taught me that feathers are REALLY difficult, sob)

I did this all on top of a pencil sketch, but then after awhile i turned the layer off and just...went for it. It's all on one layer, yeah, i think it works out alot better cause then you can blend everything together a lot better and eyedrop reflective colours and blend them in a lot easier XD

(i like to think its more me calling it tacky cause let's be honest i have as much fun torturing my own characters as anyone else possibly would)


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