Master Shaper

I tossed actually uploading this back and forth, not sure if it was completely relevant/recognisable as Star Wars (what with there being a definite lack of lightsabers or droids or anything else in here) but Tusserk gave me a little encouragement and so I...I figure why not?

If nothing else I might inspire someone else to make a Shaper of Kro Var XD


Evis' old Master, decked out in her 'workout gear' (that, yes, her real-life stand-in totally has) and being as rediculous and unessessary with her use of elements as she wants to be. Her scars...look pretty bad here, I am going to be honest, I'm really unhappy with them- but if you look closely hopefully you can see them. They are supposed to cover nearly all of her right hand side, down her entire body. I just couldnt shade or colour them in a way I was happy with.




...the scars actually show up really well on my monitor!

Also, as far as I'm concerned... if it's something that can potentially be of use to someone else's SW game, it's completely relevant! Art without those 'obvious elements' can be harder to come by, which if anything makes stuff like this... more useful, I should think.


edit: --> Plus this is just a hella cool piece.


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