Self portrait as a Sith

I had alot of fun doctoring myself up for this pic. I recomend doing at least once to your own picture. But I had to stop. There just is to much to keep adding. I didnt do as well as I had hoped on the detail because I kept wanting to change it or add something. The temptation to turn him into a Nosferatu, Centabite, Sith of Borg was overwhelming. I did save the PSD though, so maybe later.


You, my good man, make one heck of a scary *expletive* of a Sith!! Hah. Nicely done, though- I'm probably going to do one of myself some time in the near future, and I'm fairly sure I know what I'd be doing with myself if I lived in the Star Wars universe... I just can't decide if I'd be 'plain old' human, or something a little more interesting!


Good to see your style again. I just love that lightning around those -arm mounted shotos?- cool!


Yup. That there's one freakin' scary mama-jama, alright. Two thumbs up on both concept and technique, brother.


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