Slavers are Merchants Too.

Watching season 4 of the Clone Wars. Slavers are a smugglin', scoundrel bady group.


You mean Zygerrians, right? Haha, though I kind of wish the show had called them something different. I must admit I got a little miffed seeing the way the species got redesigned- it just struck me as completely unnecessary?

Though my grumps at the show have nothing to do with appreciating this portrait- he (or she?) looks cold, intense, and kind of hard to read. Not the sort of slaver that relishes the cruelty associated with the trade, as so many stock villains seem to do, but one that just shuts down all emotion and gets on with the job, desensitised to it. Nicely done, if not a pleasant subject!


Something about this portrait really reminds me of Machiavelli. I think that's a good thing.

Lord Cygnus

I've got to say that this stands out from some of your other work. (Plus we all knew that Tuss would like this one, but what is not to like about this one?   ~_^ ) 


Thanks everyone. I think I like the first concepts of the Zygerrians though. Kinda looked like a slaver race.


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