Nautolan Albino Witch

This request was of a genetic offshoot of the Nautolans -- an albino, deep-sea branch of the species. I figure they'd have more pronounced fins on their arms and legs, and that their hands and feet would be broader, flatter, and have webbed digits.

I did a lot of photoshop experimentation on this piece. Used a couple dozen layers (normal and adjustment), filters, and whatnot. Some layers look pretty cool as is, but to get the effects I was looking for, sometimes they got covered up, distorted, or partially hidden beneath other effects and layers. I put a final pale white, semi-translucent 'skin' over the creature, which hid a lot of the details, but gave it a creepy look that I'm pretty happy with. You can kind of see a some of the details through the skin, making it easy to imagine what one would see should they cut open the skin.

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Medium: Pencil, Ink and Photoshop