Sei Draysen, human noble/pilot

This character used to be the pilot of the Emerald Lightning in our Primary Star Wars game. She had a couple ranks in Noble, and was really good at angering members of the crew on a regular basis with her 'rebellious princess gone wild, but do what I say anyway.' attitude.

She was a really good pilot, and Jo'luk tried to get with her so he could say he'd had a princess, but that's just Jo.

Later in the campaign, a bounty hunter came after Jo'luk, informing him and the crew that he was wanted for getting her pregnant and would have to stand trial, (Jo drinks alot, and only vaguely remembers that last night before she left the ship) but unfortunately the campaign ended before the trial. Jo caught a lot of flak from the rest of the crewmates because none of them had liked Sei much, but Jo, who grew up in a poor orphanage, had only one thing to say about that - "Dude, she's a Princess."

This picture was drawn for the player's birthday.

Medium: Pencil and Photoshop