Narruna's Wrath

After breaking up with Lyder, and having a fling with a Sabbac dealer on Zeltros that caused a bit of a stir among some of the crew, Narruna decided that in order to get the crew to not think of her as a woman of easy virtue (and to punish Jo'luk for some reason) Narruna decided to stop dressing so provocatively, and began wearing baggy clothes that completely hid her femininity and allure.

Jo tried to counsel her against this new fashion choice, trying again and again to get her to go back to her old, more revealing style of dress, but she seemed to be doing it just to spite Jo. Naturally, Jo could see no reason for it, nor remember what he could possibly have said or done to drive her to madness.

Apparently, it stemmed from a conversation she and Jo had, when she asked him if he thought what she had done on Zeltros was wrong. Jo replied that if he had had a relationship like hers and Lyders, he wouldn't have done what she had done as soon as she did it. Shocked and disbelieving, she brought up a number of Jo's past relationships, and how quickly he went from one to another. Confused, Jo informed her that he didn't even remember half the relationships she was talking about (he drinks perhaps more than he should), but that as far as he could remember, he never had a relationship as serious as the two of them had, but if he did, which he hoped would never happen to him, he would go on a depressed drinking binge for perhaps months (as opposed to his joyous drinking binges, which dominate the majority of his life) and wouldn't so quickly fall into the arms of a nobody on a tourist planet after a break-up. Plus, he felt Narruna could have done a lot better, and going from a Jedi to a Sabbac dealer was a sad, sad fall for someone as hot as her.

Being a woman, she didn't understand, and was mad at Jo for some time. Another reason why Jo preferred taking to bottles over talking to women. In his opinion, they were both filled with sweet love, and both fun to have late at night, but if you weren't careful, they'd both give you a massive headache come morning. At least you could cork a bottle. And, once they're empty, the best thing to do with them is toss them out the airlock. That last one was a joke. Probably.

Here we see Narruna, in her Hoth-wear, as Jo'luk cries out in agony upon seeing it.


Haha, I love his expression with his tounge and all. Hilarious. And yeah, her bod' is wasted in a suit like that one...

Scientists have discovered an organism that has survived despite the fact that it has not had sex for millions of years. The scientists found the organism at a Star Wars convention

Travis Moore

"There once was a brilyent sientist who found a cure for the plage. He was loved threwout the galexie for his brains. But one person told him his sience was bad and hurt pepil. So he hid away his cure and bilyens of people died.

"There once was a Stiffie Award winning adult photographer. He was loved threwout the nets for his hot pictures. But he was told his art wasn't appropit for children. So he started taking pictures of flowers and fruit. And bilyens of his fans had to try to find their porn elsewhere.

"There once was a hot babe who wore sexy clothes because she could. She brought happy ness wherever she went, except to ugly girls who were jelis. But somehow she got the idea that her hotness was somehow bad and hid her sexy hotness in clothes that mad her look frumpy. And selfishly hiding something beautiful from an admiring world.

"All of these pepil had something special that they were born to do. But something happened that made them hide what made them unik. So the galaxy lost out on their contribishons and became a darker place, helping the Sith to win. So the moral is, if you hide your hotness, the Sith win. Don't let the Sith win!!!

"--a secret friend"

Quote from an "anonymous" note written to Narruna on napkins.


Jo'luk was a little drunk when he wrote that... thankfully, Narruna finally came to her senses and hung up the Hoth gear.

Travis Moore

Oh! It was Jo who wrote that? I never would have guessed...haha.

I think it's funny how the convenient excuse Jo uses every time he doesn't want to get in trouble is that he was drunk...but isn't Jo immune to being drunk? Isn't that part of his near-human abilities? I thought we always saw him drinking, but never actually saw him drunk...hmmm....


I don't know why Chris (GM) said he never looked drunk, because he acted drunk whenever he thought it would be beneficial to him. Plus, when people thought he was drunk, he got away with more...and it gave him an advantage in all the bar fights.