Jessa, Near-Human Bounty Hunter

In one of our games, this woman, Jessa, showed up who turned out to be a long-lost cousin of Jo'luk's. She was one of the good guys, I guess, but somehow our association with her ended up with all of us in the gladiator pit of a nasty crime lord. Just another of the crazy women connected to Jo.


Very, Very nice. Gotta love those bounty hunters that can distract their prey a for a few moments at a critical time. :)


The detail's amazing. It astounds me when someone captures you did.

-Without Darkness, Light cannot exist-

Travis Moore

Thanks to everyone who left kind and constructive comments. Evan, my response to your comment is the piece I just submitted called "Miraluka Jedi."


She's a bit over-dressed, don't you think? I'm put off by all those clothes. All your characters seem to have pants or some sort of covering on their bottom halves, and it's getting a little tired. And don't even get me started on the tops! Don't you think it's a little sexist to have a topless twi'lek male, while all your women are forced to cover themselves? I think these galleries are a bit too kid-friendly, and people are going to stop coming here.

Oh, wait, that's my cousin in that picture. I probably shouldn't think that way out loud.

Anyway, draw more!




This is great! Would you mind if I used this for the picture of the leader of a criminal organization in the game I'm running?