Jedi and Space Battle

My first time doing spacecraft. I think it went okay, though I'm still not 100% happy with it...

Anyway. This is another picture with no story behind it. I don't know what she's doin' up there watching the ships burn. It kinda reminded me of the end of 'Return of the Jedi', except she doesn't look so worried...
Hmm. I hear the call of the Dark Side.


ha! i was thinking of doing a female jedi with pink hair and voila! you took care of it, looks great! I have to ask, what's your work-up here? Is it penciled, scanned and PS'd? or all PS?

Lord Crumb

Fantastic! Your lightsabers effects are improving and the window background id great. She could be a former Jedi who left the Order and walks the thin line between Light and Dark, a Grey Jedi maybe.

LC :-P


Batty, Hi!
Yeah, I work in pencil, scan, ink in PS then colour over MULTIPLE layers. It aint fast work but I've found it more satisfying in the long run than inking onto the real picture as I always have to clean it up anyway and my scanner's a bit poo...

Thanks LC, I like the scenario. I've always been better at drawing the pictures than thinking up the stories behind them...

Cheers, all!

P.S. Batty, I'd still love to see your rendition of the Pink Haired Jedi. I always find it fascinating to see how different artists with different styles and ideas tackle the ideas that come in. I wonder how it would be for a request that all the artists could take and submit at the same time. Then we could go through and see how they all differ. Hmm, Eclipse? You there? What do you think?


Oh no! The Lamda shuttle is headed straight for us! Hit the deck!!

Looks great! I love the clothing effects as usual, and the lightsaber looks really good.

PS How'd you make the window? With simple shape layers in Photoshop?



Yup, pretty much. the window was layers of sphere shapes and lines, though I had to do the curves on the sides by hand and I think a few of the side windows are badly sized 'cause I did it all by eye. The grey fill and shadows are done by hand too. I really need to get to know Photoshop better - I'm sure there was an easier way to tackle this...


Thanks for the info Mercy. There's so much to learn, you know? I guess the best teacher is my eraser, lol.


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