Galactic-class Cruiser-Carrier technical readout

Vagrant Lustoid

Just out of interest, how big is this ship supposed to be? Just from a glance, I got the feeling it was smaller than a Venator, but only by a little bit. But I'd be intersted to know if you've cooked up any length for it, or even how many fighters it can carry?

But onto an actual appraisal of the image. The detail is simply great, it reminds me of the style of image the NEC uses to show off vehicles, as it gives a really crisp, clear and definite idea of exactly what the ship is like. Seriously, if somebody told me this was taken from a sourcebook or something, I'd be completely convinced, it's fantastic work.


Thanks a lot guys!

Vagrant Lustoid, you can find additional data for the Galactic-class here:

CucumberBoy, in this case yes, I used a 3D render as a starting point. Sometimes I use this, sometimes I just draw straight in Photoshop. Have a look at my blog, I wrote briefly about these things there :)

Have a nice day,


Anden Beliam

Holy bajeebees!! Only one word comes to mind. Magnificent....well ok. More words come to mind- to many to put up. But all the same, I can't help but smile like a five-year-old on Christmas morning when I look aT this Cruiser.

I am from and I came here after seeing your Eta-5 (which, by the way, also rocks!) Your work is amazing man- love it! Thank you for sharing your work.