Wow. This is beautiful.

In our last major campaign, I had a character who flew a very sleek X-Wing, and this looks identical to what I'd always had in mind, save for the paint scheme. A fantastic piece!


Thanks Dave!

Seghast, if you give me a description of your color scheme, when i have the time, I can make you a custom one :)

Cheers guys!



Lol, gleaming white with deep blue trim, but that wasn't what I was hinting at.

To me, this is a prime example of the fact that if they search the existing art galleries, people will probably find something very close to what they want to request.

Unless you typically have weird campaigns that require slightly off-the-wall requests like my group always has, that is. =P


Amazing piece. That's exactly what I imagined the StealthX to look like when it was first described. Really well done Drone. I also love your ETA 5. Simply stunning.

p.s Not to nit pick but the StealthX isn't the XJ5. We aren't told what XJ number the StealthX is. The ChaseX is said to be the XJ5 in The Dark Nest Trilogy.

Keep up the great work.


Very good, very sleek. It looks like what you would see some Expanded Universe artist come up with one day. Professional Grade. :)