Galactic-class Cruiser-Carrier


And thank you very much for guiding me here to begin with :)

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That is pretty darn awesome. I like that you uploaded the grayscale image that points out all the ship's features as well; they complement each other nicely.


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And thanks again!

For this particular image, I used a 3D block-out (done in 3ds Max). I used it to establish the angle and the lighting conditions. After that, I took the 3D render, and did the image in Photoshop. As a rough breakdown -- 30% done in 3D, 70% done in 2D.

The big reason for using 3D was actually the fact that I wanted to create a few other renders (the technical schematics, and a simplified 3-view image as well). Having the rough block-out in 3D really save s a lot of time when you want to do mutliple "shots" of the ship. It is perfectly possible to do it all in 2D (matter of fact, it is more fun and pleasant) but 3D is a great shortcut, leaves no room of inconsistencies, and, ultimately, I don't want my 3D to get too rusty :)

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Rick King AIFD

As I wote in the genral discussion thread - this ship has to be one of the most beautiful, well-designed, star destroyer type vessels I have ever seen. Your work is amazing.

I placed an invitation on that thread of discussion to ask you to consider joining the Subspace Communications Network ( SCN ) group of artists.

Well done job. Inspiring work.


I love this picture, it's so well done :) It looks extremely realistic, one would think it was ready to fly off of the screen. *laughs softly*