Chaos in the Caves!

This is a classic scene from our game. I did the drawing way back in '04 or so as a joke drawing for the group. In the scene, the group was trying to crawl out of a collapsing tunnel. Jo'luk, the mangled guy with the green hair, allowed everyone else to go first, including his girlfriend at the time (Jalla) and a bunch of children (see also the scene "Uncle Jo Comforts the Children" elsewhere in my gallery). Jo had trouble crawling out with a bottle of alcohol in his hand (he refused to leave it behind) and as the tunnel started to come down, his wookie crewmate, Rowrr, grabbed him and pulled him out.

In actuality, he only broke an arm and his hip, but for the picture, I made it a bit more graphic for humor's sake.

His "heroics" got him back in favor with Jolla after the "Uncle Jo" scene, which turned out to be very rewarding.

The style is purposely made to look old, like something painted on canvas. I wasn't going to put this up, but fellow SWAGGER Travis Moore talked me into it.


Rowrr looks like he's thinking, "What should I do with this, eat it?"

Just remember, rescues aren't free of charge, and sometimes they cost an arm and a leg.


It's cartoon violence. Sorry you're taking it so seriously. Others seem to like it, so if you don't, maybe you shouldn't look at it any more. I don't think anyone really is taking this seriously but you, browwiw.

As for the rest of you, thanks for the kind comments.

Spence DMann

Reminds me of my Spence D'Mann character. Fringer, Blue Hair (on the top only, facial and eyebrows were black), Boozehound, and bad luck. Always had a near death experience in almost every session.
-Spence D'Mann