Twy'la, female darksider twi'lek

This is character 1 of 3 for an artwork request called 'An Unsavory Trio.' This character goes along with Suzanna Va'loor and Arkainus Dur'taan.

Some of you might think I have a thing for blue Twi'lek women, but I don't choose the color. It seems people only want to play blue Twi'leks. While experimenting with color, I've seen what these same drawings can look like with other skin colors, and they look really cool. So I encourage people to try to play different color Twi'leks. I don't think I'll take any more blue Twi'lek requests (and I'll probably lay off the Twi'lek requests in general for awhile) in order to work on more diversity in my gallery. Don't get me wrong, I like every character I've drawn. I just wish there was more skin color diversity.

There are versions of this character with different skin colors over at my web site, in the following folder:

Medium: Pencil and Photoshop