Selkath Jedi

Request by Sejanus.

A very special Selkath that has a bond to the Force that has allowed him to become one of the rarest of rare Jedi in the galaxy. His lightsabers are dark green and they curve at the bottom like a J. The two lightsabers can be joined together and can form a twin bladed lightsaber that appears to be an elongated U, suitable to his unique physiology and hands.

A medic by species, he is a Jedi by choice. A medkit is always close by to offer assistance to those who need it. Even a foe. A compassionate warrior, he is not about a fight but about knowledge and defends himself only when it is the last resort.
He is not strong, but the slightest of Selkath, almost the kind of alien you could miss in a cantina or a back alley.


Suh-Weet! I likes the skin-tone on the head. Like the way sunlight through water casts shadows on a whale or sumthin'.
Most impressive.


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