A Boy and His Dog

Request by Anarchangel


A Fargul Boy and His Robotic Dog!


That is some serious quality work! Love the expression on the Farghul, but I especially love the way the dog, despite being a robot, clearly has 'happy goofy dog' going on.


I love how the dog has a lolling mechanical tongue. I can just imagine the engineer... "Client says the dogbot has GOT to have a doofy tongue. Says it's not a dogbot if it doesn't have a tongue." SHRUG


It's a luxury upgrade.


I thought this one over and noticed the picture looked better with it. I read the description of how the boy had modified it over and over so I thought, if I had a mechanical dog without a toungue, that would be first on my list of upgrades.

Lord Crumb

Looks great.  He does resemble Don Johnson a little bit.  The dog's tounge hanging out is funny. :)


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