Alusair Farstrider #2

This is more of an 'Action' pose for Cenedra_Nasio to go with the other, more detailed, picture.

I'm quite pleased with this one...

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Cool highlighting.You could show a lot in a face I wouldn't cover it up, thats just me though. Very cool mood going on aswell.

Lord Crumb

A little to dark in color, but I like it and the pose. I also agree with Scriado that the left arm could come down just a little. Overall, I give you a thumb and 1/2.

-LC :-)


Thanks, guys!
Yeah - I didn't realise that, with the angle of her hand, the saber would be straight over her face rather than under it, until I got to the colouring stage. Still, it teaches me not to be so precious about my work. Sometimes faces or details I like get obscured. It happens. Overall I'm quite happy with it, though.


I like the fact her face is covered. It adds that moment in time look rather than a pose. And with her eye looking over the blade it is kind of daring someone to try it.


Again I'm really pleased with how my character turned out you do such awesome work! Thanks!


Awesome fighting pose. I don't find having the face partially hidden detracts at all. That's where her style dictates to hold the sabre in this posture. If anything it adds a bit of 'realism' like she's actually in a fight rather than posing for a picture.


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