Alexis Kiara #1

Request from Xanamiar:

"In a change of events my Jedi Crystal Roshia is going to go to the darkside, in a twist of fate you could say.

Crystal Roshia was raised on Dathomir as a Nightsister, and as it bothered her subconcious to be a nightsister, when presented with an opportunity to leave that lifestyle she did. Crystal learned the ways of the Force from several lightsided masters, but in a simple twist of fate she is going to be losing her mind, and will sink deep into the dark ways of the force."

It was also requested that one of the weapons in her arsenal be a 'lightring'. Which Lord Crumb described as looking like a weapon from 'Xena', which is pretty cool.

Also, this is yet another in a long line of pictures in which I try and progress my pieces away from the strong lines I so frequently use. I'm kinda pleased with the results.

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Lord Crumb

All I have to say is she looks "HOT". The kind of woman who walks up to you and give a tender kiss while gutting you with the lightsaber.

-LC :-D


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