Utility Speeder Plan View

I really liked the stark lines and hard, utilitarian feel of Jeff 'Lupis the Bold' Carlisle's 'Utility Speeder', so when my PC's required some reliable transport on Tatooine, I saw the perfect opportunity to make use of that great piece of design in my own SW RPG campaign. That necessitated a plan view so I could make a counter (just in case they got in to a combat situation- not that that was in any way likely of course ;) ), so I contacted my buddy Jeff and got his thoughts on this interpretation of his creation. Fortunately for me, he seemed to like it as much as my PCs have (they remarkably haven't managed to crash it, nor get it shot out from under them yet- of course, the campaign is still young).

Medium: Ink Pen, Painter Classic, Photoshop 7.0


I really love this vehicle! It is one of my fav's. It really has a great "star wars" look to it, yet it is original. Would it be possible to get a side view? Keep up the great work guys!