Initial Strike

Darkfall Ascension (Clone Wars era) Initial Strike. Done in photoshop with a few reference shots around 7 hours.


Awesome job on this one, I love the background and the clouds, and would love to see this in hi-res. The artwork has a great battle atmosphere, very nicely done!


Jeebus! You mean this isn't an oil painted theatrical poster?!? ;)

Looks professional, the type that one would expect to see in a Star Wars Ep III Concept Art coffee table style picture book.

Wait a minute - those are Clone Commandos aren't they? (no biggie if they aren't), but dang, a picture like that could set many GM's & players alike imaginations afire to start up a new Clone / Clone Commando rpg campaign.

Outstanding job man!



In visual art, large landscapes always seem to catch my eye, as this one did. I love your use of color to tell more than the picture itself says! Great job.

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