Maalaryon practicing Mechu-deru

Maalaryon first appeared in 24 BBY, during the First Mission to the Stern Cluster. He unleashed Sithspawn - possibly a Derriphan and definitely some technobeasts - to fight the two Jedi that escaped from their grasp. (maybe later, or maybe they think it's the Anzat who does so - not sure yet if we should show him on that mission or not)

Il Modaen had discovered a Sith archive in Mount Celadriss on Corridor, found a Sith lightsaber and some teachings, perhaps. He is transformed into Maalaryon via Sith Alchemy and the ancient Sith art of mechu-deru, which he later used to create the droid commander Sheotan.


"Technobeasts"? Yeah, I saw a couple of those at a techno dance rave, man... they were pretty hideous.

OK. Enough with the lame jokes and on with the praisin'! This is one awesome picture, Scriado. It has me salivating for a good RPG to use this guy in.

With your permission, of course?

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