Codename: Vertigo

Biography: Ciaria Racksala grew up leading the common Zeltron life of being seen by the rest of the galaxy as nothing more than a sex symbol on an opulent vacation planet. Most Zeltrons reveled in being the hosts to the most popular immoral playground in the galaxy, playing up their reputation for top-notch food, gambling, love and lust. Racksala played the role for a few years of her young adulthood, entertaining visiting dignitaries, spacers and military officers in every way possible, but somehow it never felt right. While many of her people were predisposed to easily fall in love or become enchanted with newcomers and visitors, Ciaria was only rarely able to glimpse the emotional connection. That shortcoming as a Zeltron, however, helped shape and direct her life. Because she did not get emotionally involved with her guests, she was able to start cataloguing her encounters objectively. She would observe each of her interactions scientifically, studying how guests reacted to situations and stimuli. Her interest in this area led her to a deep understanding of psychology for many common Core and Midrim system species. For most Zeltrons, pheromones were driven and released by instinct and reaction, but Racksala’s psychological insights helped her to understand their power. She worked very hard to learn control of that part of her physiology and was finally able to begin experimenting by releasing a spectrum of chemical concoctions on her visitors. Her studies quickly revealed what mixtures affected the moods and senses of individuals and species, teaching her to master a form of bio-suggestive persuasion over others. Her studies and life were interrupted when Hutt slavers, in the guise of well paying guests, began to abduct unwitting Zeltron women. The Hutts had certainly been a source of trouble for the beautiful race in the past but the Zeltrons’ inability to detach themselves emotionally made them very forgiving and compassionate. As a result, the Hutts were able to exploit their renewed welcome at least once per generation. As with generations past, the Hutts had arrived throwing credits in every direction they could in order to win or bribe the full trust of the unwitting Zeltrons. A fortnight into their stay the disappearances began. Finally remembering their history, the Zeltrons were quick to blame the Hutts and reported the incident to the local Moff. The Hutts, likewise, also remembered their history and knew when to take their leave. The Moff eventually dispatched squad from his garrison to investigate to complaints. On their arrival the Hutts, naturally, had already gone. The Imperial soldiers carried out a halfhearted inquisition led by their commander, Lt. Erex Bishoffer. Bishoffer’s nonchalance about the incident and its effect on an alien race and planet were obvious from the beginning but the Zeltron plead their case regardless. Lt. Bishoffer, seeing the pleasures that Zeltros had to offer, finally agreed to conduct some intense “individual interviews” to get a better account of the events leading up to the abductions. The Zeltrons were relieved and readily supplied a list of those with knowledge of the situation. The Imperials each chose an “interviewee” from the provided list and carried out the sessions in private. Bishoffer selected Ciaria Racksala and met with her in his confined quarters. The interview of Ciaria, and in fact all of the others chosen, was simply an excuse for the Imperials to take advantage of their hosts. Powerless to stop them, the Zeltron women were all ravaged and beaten by the soldiers. The following morning several things happened. The first was that Imperials packed up and left, doing nothing to resolve the Hutt conflict. The second was that the Zeltrons found the women the Imperials had loosed their form of justice on. Many of them were rushed to the infirmaries for care. Others were admitted to the morgue. The final thing that happened was that Ciaria Racksala nursed her wounds and hopped the first ship off the planet in search of the Rebel Alliance. After skipping around the Mid Rim for nearly a year, searching for a Rebel cell with no luck, she took matters into her own hands by harassing the Empire every opportunity she got. She would frequently seduce officers to rob them or milk them for information. She started teaching locals how to sabotage or ambush equipment and facilities based on weaknesses she deduced from her understanding of the Imperial psyche. At first, the Imperials paid no attention to the attacks, grouping them with the countless random assaults suffered on worlds throughout the galaxy. However, each cell she developed on a new planet became a little more effective. They also started drawing attention. With the increased efficiency, the Imperials began to realize that they might truly be organized and connected. An official inquiry by Imperial Intelligence established to determine the connection and find the leader. Each subsequent raid and ambush brought the Imperials closer to identifying Racksala. The amount of attention her groups were drawing from the Imperials also made the Rebel Alliance take notice. The Imperials were within days of discovering Ciaria’s identity when she was contacted personally by Bren Derlin and Judder Page. They informed her of the danger she was in and took her into hiding under Alliance protection. Page instantly recognized her skills as a field operative and a leader and recruited her into his fledgling Katarn Commandos, named for a predator from the planet Kashyyyk. Throughout the course Rebellion she served faithfully with the unit, often leading small side missions in Page’s absence. Taking special notice of Racksala’s talents with pheromone-induced coercion, Page assigned her the fitting codename Vertigo. As the Rebellion grew, so too did the membership of Page’s elite group. Shortly before the Battle of Endor, General Madine and Lt. Page decided to break down the command structure of the Katarn Commandos. The group was divided into squads of specialists, also named for fierce predators. Lt. Page assigned Ciaria Racksala the task of forming Nexu Squad for long range and deep cover missions. Together, over the next few months, they worked to collect the skilled members of the highly classified group. Racksala has lead Nexu Squad through several roster revisions and a score of impossible missions to bring down the tyranny of the Empire.


There are a few earlier revisions of this piece in my blog. Thanks to those who gave suggestions concerning the proportions!