Miraluka Noble male Martial artist

Dear all lovely artists of this fine guild i have a character request.Zed a member of the near human species the Miraluka. all born with no eyes but can see with the force si wear veils or coverings over eyes. He is a force sencesetive and a member of the Luka Sene and also of Noble Birth. He is a force user but not a Jedi. (I chose noble class). he is on a prolonged sabbatical from his studies he is a keen Martial artist of Teräs Käsi. often wearing combat gloves to compliment his noble fashion which is often practical but stylish. he has long flowing white hair often in a top knot.


Are you still looking for someone to fulfill this? I'm willing to work something up. The only thing is it will be just line art but you're free to find someone else to color it.