Unhinged Rebellion General [DredWulf]

Starting a new campaign (the concept was taken from the Order 66 Podacast) and I am look for a piece to show the party's patron.

Perhaps it's easiest if I give the flavour text of the campaign:

The Empire's grip on the galaxy is harsh. Enslavement, torture and brutality have become commonplace as the Emperor increases his power.

The Rebellion's resistance is admirable but against the ruthlessness of the Empire, it's victories can only go so far. General Landworth has grown tired of the honourable fight. He has watched tyrants escape justice because of the Rebellion's weak stomach. He has watched good men give their lives needlessly for "hollow victories". And, most recently, he has had to endure the capture, torture and death of his only daughter while the Rebellion refused to help, claiming that the target's death would have too negative a political backlash.

Enraged by the Rebellion's timidity, General Landworth knows that the only way to win is to fight as the Empire does: dirty and ruthless. To do so, he has secretly collected a team of "specialists". Desperate for revenge, they operate without the Rebellion's knowledge. Given their brutal methods, if caught it would mean being convicted, imprisoned and branded a traitor - a risk that every member has accepted.

Their goal: eliminate the enemy, at all costs and bring the Empire and it's criminals to its inevitable justice: complete destruction.They are the Inglorious Rebels.

The General needs to be human - and that's it. If you can capture, his tough, slightly unhinged/darkide aspect even better.




The Fat Raconteur

I should add that this campaign is very much "inspired" by Tarrantino's Inglorious Bastards and the campaign will share that same stark contrast of comical and dark/gruesome tones.


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