Darth Omen - 2017

Darth Omen is a character I created.  You'll see his evolution over the years throughout my gallery.

I recently got a Surface Pro 4 (WHICH I LOVE) and have been playing with the various art programs and the ability to draw right on the tablet.  This is my first completed work taken from sketch to final, 100% digitally on the tablet.


Oh my gosh dude congrats!! I am so psyched seeing this, having seen your work and knowing of Darth Omen through the years... well, WELL done! You've done an amazing job and I am keen as heck to see what else you create with your new equipment.

Lord Crumb

Totally wicked!!!!  I like to see him go against Vader or Sidious.  I like the face.  The expression says it all.

Misam Wergewh

I was looking for someone to take a request, but then got kinda nervous because there wasn't much from 2017. Nice to see a 2017 drawing!