Parfadi Sector Map

Created with GIMP and MS Visio. Sadly the resolution here is quite small. I wanted to create the sector where Byblos is located, as it is one of my favourite locations of Star Wars. Since Arat Fraca is pretty close and it makes sense to be in the same sector and since Arat Fraca also has a sector name known, I decided both (and some more) are located in the same sector. Due to the fact that Byblos is a Fortress World, I made it the capital of the sector. 


Nice!  I like maps.  I've tried to make some for my home game, but galactic maps and hyperspace routes just end up confusing me. lol


Thanks! I love maps too and wanted to try out something new. I am beginning a new Star Wars campaign soon and we will focus our campaign in this sector.


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