Alliance-Class New Republic Carrier

From a far future of the Star Wars Universe, the Alliance-Class Carrier is built by the Corellian Engineering Corporation. It has a length of 600 metres and features a fighter compliment of 48 adding support vehicles like transports, shuttles, recovery vehicles and the like.
Additionally to the fighters it has an armament of one triple turbolaser at the top and two at the lower hull. There are two more double turbolasers at its sides and twelve Lascercannons cover it against fighters.
In difference to usual carrier designs, the Alliance-Class has two launch tubes for fighters at the front along with a landing hangar for returning vehicles instead of an ongoing hangar deck to the stern. This gives room for powerful engines.
When the fighters land in the upper hangar deck, which is also used for the transports, they can access circle-shaped lifts at the end of the hangar transfering them to the upper workshops or the two launch tubes below.

This ship was done as a request for BrianDavion.

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