Jedi Assassin

A Jedi Assassin, dressed in a dancing outfit in order to get closer to her target...

(Don't ask me where she conceals her lightsaber, though.)


I guess what I mean is, there has never been anything official?

Any novel references, comic books, etc? Nothing on Wookieepedia...


I dunno. I guess there must be...
I just made it up, drew the picture and thought; 'yeah, why not?'
Thought others might like it, posted it here.
If there's no reference to a Jedi Assassin - y'know, a good guy killing for good reasons to help along a political situation or whatever - then I guess that either they're so good they're never known about, or, hey, she's a Sith.
Heh, whatever works. I just like drawin' stuff. Hope you find what you're looking for, sorry I couldn't be more helpful.


Great piece. As fro herbeing a Jedi "Assassin", they don't have them. They do have "Shadows" which hunt down evil, but not asassins. Assassins, by nature are the antithesis of what it means to be a Jedi. I will agree that your lightsabers are getting better as time goes by. She is also a hottie. :D


Maybe she got kicked out of the Jedi order, then decided to use her skills to become an assassin? That would be rather frightening. If she existed, I'm sure my character Jo'luk would have hit on her and pi$$ed her off. Good for him they don't exist...right?


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