Female Human Mandalorian: Shyra Volka [aenid]

Hopefully someone here is interested in helping me out.  I'm joining a new Star Wars d6 game and I'd like to get a female mandalorian character done.  She would be a former Death Watch/Mandalorian Protector gone mercenary.  She makes use of her full Mandalorian armor/helm/jetpack combo, uses dual blaster pistols and has a sabre/dart launcher on her left arm vambrace.  She hasn't modified her armor heavily yet, but intends to do so.  She also makes use of a blaster carbine, similar to Boba Fett.  She is a mercenary for hire and is possibly working for the "Rebellion" in secret or on occasion.  Her armor is a dark purple nearly black in color with some dark pink/red highlights similar to Sabine's style in Star Wars Rebels.   

May the Force be with you, always,





Helmet off? (carrying it or on ground-I'll take this if so)

If so,  hair style? hair color?

Stated above 'modified her armor heavily yet' means there are some modifications... has she changed them in game to date?


Since I may possibly be waiting for a long time for a reply, I'm using artistic license on my questions and taking this request  :)