Mr and Mrs Lokhin

Hi there, SWAG! It's been a little while, hasn't it? Life did one of those things where I kind of went into hermit mode, still sort of feeling it but I'm trying to break out of that quiet, tired little place. In the meanwhile, our campaign came to its rousing conclusion a couple of weeks ago, so I'm also feeling a little bit of the post-RPG blues. I don't feel quite ready to say goodbye to Jak, so I think she'll stick around in art and writing dribbles for a while to come.

Anyway, at one point very nearing the end of the campaign, Jak and her man took a bit of time out of the raging war against the horrorterrors to go on a bit of a metaphysical fact finding mission, which saw Jak stuck in her ooooold old body, and Lokhin suddenly having his internal conversations made... quite external.


It's a week of comebacks then!  Welcome back and nice image.  I like the patterning on the coat especially.

Hablyonus Pense

*Rubs sleep from his eyes* "Wait, whu..... i-is she back?"


Thanks!! And... no, phew, that would have really been something. Jak's old body was an Amaran, so superficially very similar (though a whole lot smaller!). The scary dude is part of Lokhin's past and a deeply buried part of his persona... and one that the rest of the squad never really got the chance to meet during the campaign.


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