Sluudir Stonemason

Not much of a story behind this guy. Just wanted to draw a sluudir. 8/


Heeeeeyyyy is that coloured pencil work?? I swear I get way too excited every time I see real media.

And is that a canon species? It's a neat looking beastie, but wookieepedia is giving me nothing!

Hablyonus Pense

Sure is! And don't you worry your fuzzy little head, because I'm too much of a redneck to know how to use photoshop! So EVERYTHING IS PENCIL!!!! HOLY CARP I'M SO GONNA FAIL MY COLLEGE CLASS!!!!

Also, I spelled it wrong. It's SLUDIR with one U. Sorry.


I love these guys. Have always wanted to do one as a techie. The color is great and love work on the clothe.

Hablyonus Pense

Hmm. Might be a problem. As a species, the sludir were very low tech. They refused to use modern plastoid armor or blasters on a matter of principle, as they were a race grounded firmly in tradition. Some were known to use vibro blades or slugthowers, however, as well as basic repulsorlift technology.

Hablyonus Pense

Perhaps deemed an outcast or heretic by his own people.