Now that I've gotten upload #200 out of the way, I can get back to getting stuck into and posting my usual nonsense. Hopefully I can get myself out of this funk I've gotten into, life has been a little rough recently and I've spent a lot more time a lot less productive than I generally like to be.

Anyhow, this... I actually did this for an art meme that's been floating around various nooks of the internet in recent times, taking requests to do pieces using pre-set colour palettes. Husband asked for his SW:TOR main, and when I said 'pick any palette except for the one with the hot pink!' he naturally instantly realised there was ANOTHER ONE WITH HOT PINK. Not exactly my most clean or detailed work, but it was kind of refreshing and liberating to work with a limited lot of colours not even of my own choosing!


On my phone, all the pink was orange. Looks way better on the PC. I salute you one this. Yet another thing I would have issues with that I can be all envious over. 


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