Hired gun.

Not a bounty Hunter. Not a body gaurd. This guy wants war. He will scout, but wants the front lines. The world comes into focus during the fire fights. He prefers to know that there is danger rather than wonder endlessly about it.


Dude. This guy is well done! Nicly drawn and colored! He sounds like a very interesting character


I love this design. Perfectly combines classic Star Wars with cartoon action serial, which makes it PERFECT for RPG.


That means a lot Asok. I like the peice meal armor look. Makes them seem more edge of the galaxy. I try to figure out what they would look like in the movies. I kinda try to do aliens like a guy in a suit.



Awesome pic - love the details - epsecially that armored shoulder with the underpad showing through. 


I reeeeally dig this bloke's style. Judas pretty much encapsulated my thoughts perfectly.


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