Oh, geez, I totally botched the shading job on this one. Something about this style of shading coupled with my style of drawing just... Doesn't work...  

At any rate, a bit of a gift for Tusserk. I took a tiny bit of artistic license with Jak... Don't kill me...


Looks good, and Tusserk loves to see others draw her characters, so I'm sure she'll love it.


AHHHHH oh my gosh!! Yes, yes, Xan is right... I never fail to get a kick out of seeing my characters drawn, and this is no exception! Certainly no intention to kill from me, here. :D :D Thankyou!! Your artistic license has served you well, I reckon- you've got the right mix of 'female but not overtly feminine' for Jak, I love it.

I wouldn't call the shading job 'botched' either... I actually think cross hatching goes rather well with your lines. Certainly gives it more of a sense of depth if you hadn't put in any at all, even if the end result doesn't match with whatever you envisaged!

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