Another Edge of the Empire Crew. [Asok]

Hey there! Long time lurker here. (Like, really long. Years.) I've always loved the art here.

Anyways, I've recently started a new Edge of the Empire campaign. It's going great so far. So great that I thought it might be nice to surprise my players with an image of their characters.

The crew of the Maroon Mynock, a YKL-37R Nova Courier, are a diverse group. All non-human, they have been blackmailed by the Empire into helping them infiltrate a Crime Syndicate. (That may have Rebel ties.) The Campaign begins roughly three weeks after the Battle of Yavin.

The captain of the Maroon Mynock is a behemoth of a Wookiee named Shorbacca. Recently freed from slavery by the Rodian soldier named Skee, Shorry is on a mission to free the rest of his family from slavery. Standing at 2.2 meters, with a muscular frame, he is an intimidating specimen. His fur is generally dark brown, save a black stripe down his center. He carries a Bowcaster, and is clad only in various utility belts. Some of these belts might have a traditional Wookiee design. Shorbacca is a Smuggler (Pilot).

The Rodian named Skee Bomu is a hired gun and a drifter. A vetran of the Rodian Clan Wars, he has been given leave by his clan leader to explore the galaxy and make credits for the clan. Skee has a deep sense of personal honor, and is smart and highly skilled. Skee has extremely dark Blue-Green skin, and above his left eye is the mark of the Bomu Clan. (Seen here). Skee dresses in heavy leather clothing, overlaid with bandoliers and utility belts. He carries a battered Blaster Rifle. Skee is a Hired Gun (Mercenary Soldier).

Tar'quin is the Twi'lek master thief of the group. Running from deep personal tragedies he would rather not discuss, Tar'quin is highly opposed to the Empire. In fact, the only three things that Tar'quin truly cares about are overthrowing the Empire, his girlfriend, and credits. Oh, does Tar'quin love credits. His skin is light blue, with medium sized Lekku. His face has a few small scars. Tar'quin wears padded armor, which he disguises with loose robes. He is a bit of kleptomaniac. Tar'quin has a Blaster pistol, is a Smuggler (Thief).

And, yeah, that's the crew. I hope to hear back from someone about getting them drawn up!