Denma Hawat, Human Thief [Hisham]

I'm participating in an Edge of the Empire campaign and was wondering if anyone would draw my character. Here is the character's bio page for backstory details and a loose approximation of her appearance. Stat-wise, she is a Human Smuggler (Thief).

She grew up on the streets of Coruscant's undercity during the rise of the Empire, homeless for months at a time. She resorted to stealing to survive, but she only stole from targets who wouldn't hurt terribly for the loss (upscale restaurants, nobles, Imperials). Denma's outwardly pessimistic, and perhaps too smart-mouthed for her own good. But under that exterior lies a warm heart; she empathizes with the plight of the downtrodden and has occasionally gotten herself into trouble for helping them. 

Denma Hawat stands 1.7 meters tall and weighs 58 kilos. She has a svelte build and wiry muscles. She has chestnut hair that reaches below her shoulders, though she usually keeps it in a tidy ponytail secured with a leather thong. She is fair-skinned with light freckles and brown eyes. Her face is somewhat forgettable; Denma tends to blend in with the crowd and uses this to her advantage. She wears a heavy beige nerf-hide jacket over a dark-blue, button down blouse, and loose fitting black trousers held up with a utility belt. She wears calf-length, soft, flexible brown leather boots. Over her shoulder rests a large canvas purse where she keeps most of her belongings. She has a holdout blaster she keeps in her purse and a vibroknife she keeps hidden in her boot. Again, visit this page to see a loose approximation of her appearance.

I hope this piques someone's interest, and thanks in advance for considering it.


Just so you know, it is appropriate to give credit where it is due.  ...  Your page has a picture from Deviant Art on it, without an credited information.  You may want to fix that.  The picture can be found here.