Tuk'ata Puppies [Tusserk]


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So I'm GMing a game set on Korriban, and the party took refuge from a sandstorm in a cave... which turned out to be occupied by Tuk'ata, who aggressively defended their litter of puppies. They killed the hounds, but now that the session is over, they're hung up on the moral dilemma of keeping the trio of puppies or putting them out of their misery.


Could I trouble an artist to make a sketch of a Tuk'ata puppy or two? Cute but semi-demonic is how I described them.


Tusserk.. you'd be the one I'd chose to do 1. an animal.. 2. Cute and semi demonic.  You'll do great!


Thanks a million, Tusserk! I've been watching this site for a long time and love your art style... and I was hoping you'd take this request, given your mad skills at cute animals.