Lilah - Gungan Jedi

Character for Shadowedfate on DeviantArt during Swag's downtime.

Photoshop 7, Wacom Tablet, Pencils. Completed November 2005


Erm... I'm not sure that "Holy Cow" begins to cover it... That's an amazing Gungan! Easily comparable to the stuff from new essential guide to alien species!... and I think Chris Trevas and William O'Connor are both amazing so...



Jawastu is the undisputed Gungan grandmaster.

And Dredwulf: Rodians?? It's all about the Togruta!



Everyone knows that the kaminoans are the supreme hotties of the universe. Son!

Nice work GunganStu! Stick it to that man!


There's something very wrong with either you, or myself.

Gungans should not be sexy.


Awesome work Stu! You've got some great color co-ordination there, and theres alot of co-ordination detail in this picture.

The light greyish blue skin and slightly darker blue skin markings nicely contrast with her matching peach colored halter and gloves. A nice touch was matching them to her hair color.

I never thought pink & green would be a working color combo, but you really pulled it off this time - thats a nice grass colored green, very earth-tone for the cape. Again its a good contrast, while complementing her skin tones which seems like a nice homage to her Gungan people, who's technology revolves around organic designs and colors.

With the choice blues, greys, pinks, and greens - I think the key here is the way you used them in muted, soft or pastel range of the color pallet. They're not too bold and bright, nor are they dull, drab and bland. Earthtones probably sum it up best, the green being the color of fauna, and her skin of ocean hues, when used in that context always go well together.

Her charcoal slacks are nicely accented by a leathery hide style of belt, from a reptilian creature or fish from the looks of it. The slacks themselves have a stylish lighter grey stripping from the waist down on the right leg.

Theres also the off-white elbow tie, along with what first looked like a ringlet of white feathers, but the more I glance at it, appears to be a half waist sash, as a fashionable addition to the belt where normally would be a thigh strap for a smuggler's blaster holster. Both the elbow tie and the sash make for a nice touch of fashionable outfit accessories.

The necklace - is that a trinket she picked up on her travels? Possibly from a street market vendor in some City in Naboo? Or was that bestowed upon her by a Noble house to her as a reward for for a selfless act of heroism? As the only piece of jewelry, I like that she isn't laden down with any other necklaces, rings, or piercings which would otherwise make her look punk & trashy. Or likewise - a bratty rich youth going out clubbing with her peers.

The lightsaber - Its debatable whether the hilt is a bronze colored shaft, or possibly even reptilian hide. Either could be plausible, and is the same color tone as the belt. The small peachy colored gem for the lightsaber switch is the highlight of the lightsaber.

I like her pose and expression here as she's standing. She seems to be calm, relaxed, while looking at or observing something off to the side or below, while her lightsaber in hand tells me she's prepared should something unexpected about to happen. Now that's good hindsight - the 'just in case' factor. IMHO, the making of a good Jedi.

All in all, while the Jedi Order would think her choice of outfit is too flashy and revealing for their conservative but bland dress code; I think this Gungan Jedi has a definite style to match her personality, good looks, and class. I definitely don't need to be a male Gungun to appreciate the sight this fine lady walking down the street.

Definitely keep up the good work Stu!


Wow, thanks everyone, lolz to CCR and special thanks to Terras!
I have to admit that the colour selection wasn't entirely my own. The character of Lilah already existed and ShadowedFate (now going by W1ngs0fFate on DA) had illustrated her before, here's her original painting she showed as reference.


So... he was the requester at the time... nice! I still love this piece. At least he picked who to make a request of wisely.



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