Togorian Weapons Expert

A request for JaymachRalTir.

(Thanks to Ghost ITH for the secondary lighting tip and Stirzy for inspiration.)

Medium: Pencils, Photoshop CS.


Wow...just wow. I'm very glad you chose to make the facial stripes symmetrical...Alan (the person who plays the character) has a thing about symmetry, which I purposefully didn't mention to allow you to go whatever way you liked with it, but you'll have made him a happy man when he sees this. I'd also like to thank Ghost ITH for giving Stu the lighting tip, as it really adds to the depth of the picture. :)


Nice work, Stu! Glad the experiment worked out for you.

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My favorite piece on the site atm. Also the exact coloration I was envisioning for my character concept for an upcoming campaign.

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