Squad vs Sandcrawler

Soooooo last night the GM took us to Tatooine and threw an explosives riddled Sandcrawler at us. Not only was it a crazy fun session where lots of things went on and I am not going to be able to sleep straight till we pick up again next week, but he also actually built a sandcrawler 'mini' with gridded compartments inside for us to have encounters in and, all in all, it was pretty amazing. Whee!

Only felt fair to honour it with a drawing and also have an excuse to practice drawing more things I don't normally draw. (Only PC not featured as such is Fix't because at this stage he had already crawled underneath the crawler and was sabotaging it from below.)


Dude your GM is awesome and so is this picture. I like that your sandcrawler is most definitely a sandcrawler, but also doesn't look like a replica of the one from the movie.


So... you just whipped this up from an adventure you had YESTERDAY!! Dang!!

I like the colors and a detailing on the Sandcrawler and, well, everything else too.


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