Red Firebat

A high performance swoop, very popular with swoop racers who are interested more by speed and race winning than anarchic activities.

This model is also seen in the background of my rodian swoop racer pic.


Me likey! Seriously, I totally dig that swoop! I'm gonna go find the rodian pic now...


Evan Black

One of the things I like about it is that even though the top looks a lot like a real world motorcycle, the bottom has those cool exotic wings! Firebats rule!


My Star Wars RPG was a lot about swoop racers. Like many elements in Star Wars, it has the echoes of our own world. Sometimes you have to transpose things that people can readily identify, and then sci-fi them up.

The firebat was a favorite of my players for the very reason you mention.

I will post a line-drawing firebat, so that people can use them in their own games and color them however they want.


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