Vourren Fighter Carrier

The strength of the Vourren fleet lies in its Starfighter Carriers. The smallest of these vessels carries 90 battle ready starfighters on the outer docking drum. Newer expanded models carry three times that. In battle, the Vourren pilots are loaded into their waiting fighters, which are then able to launch immediately, without lining up to exit a hangar bay. The docking drum is protect by an elaborate shield system. Once a starfighter's systems are green the shield control automatically opens a small window in which the fighter exits.

No less than ten of these carriers guards each of the five Vourren Hive Stations in orbit over Mantithea. The remainder serve with the exploratory fleet.


While I can see the shielding system being complex, the concept actually has a lot of tactical merit. Hit-n-fade tactics would work well with this design. The drawback is that this ship looks like it would need at least a few other support craft to screen the carrier from external cruiser fire.

All in all, I like it.


Cool. The great thing with designing vehicles for Star Wars is you can come up with these cool, whacky, really original ideas that would never work anywhere else. I love the idea with the fighters.